Is Your Social Media Helping or Hurting Your IT Job Search?

May 03, 2018 0 comment

it staffingWhen you’re in the middle of a job search for an IT position of any kind, you likely will spend a significant amount of time brushing up your resume, cover letter and networking whenever possible. One thing that often gets overlooked with job candidates is the impact their social media accounts have on the hiring process. Employers will almost always look briefly at your social media profiles to see if there are any red flags that could eliminate you from consideration. So to improve your chances of landing software development jobs, using social media to your advantage is critical.

Potential Employers Will Look At Your Social Media Profiles

You have to assume any potential employer is going to search your name online when they see your resume. Similarly, the IT staffing company you work with will do the same and possibly make suggestions as to how you can clean up your profiles. Everything you put on social media is public to an extent, so being professional at all times is a must. It’s ok to show some of your personality as well, but just be careful about the statements you make or the pictures you post.

Think Before You Post on Social Media

It can take years to build up a great reputation, but only seconds to completely damage it. We’ve seen many instances where companies and individuals tarnish their reputation because of a social media blunder. The best rule of thumb before posting anything to social media is to think about whether the post helps or hurts your brand or image. If the answer isn’t a definite yes, then consider not posting it.

Always Promote Your Personal Brand

If you’re looking for great Java developer jobs, promoting your brand is important. As much as social media can damage your chances of landing a job, it can also significantly help your chances. Demonstrate some of the skills you have, talk about the networking events you’re attending and any other activities. Your brand doesn’t have to be completely about Java developer jobs, so feel free to talk about any volunteer activities in a professional way so employers can see you are well rounded.

Catapult Staffing is more than just an IT staffing company. We will help you throughout your job search process, including making suggestions about how you can promote your brand through social media to enhance your chances of landing the software development jobs you desire. To learn more about how we can boost your chances of landing a job you desire, contact us today.