Now is the Time for Software Engineers

January 18, 2018 0 comment

software engineerIt’s no secret companies are having a hard time filling software engineer jobs. It’s not because there is a shortage of software engineers in general, but because the quality and experience simply isn’t there for companies to hire. One of the common misconceptions for an aspiring software engineer is their educational experience is enough for them to land the job of their dreams. However, companies want to fill their positions with candidates who not only have educational experience, but are also problem solvers and have a good mix of soft skills, hard skills and technical skills. This opens up a door of great opportunities for candidates meeting these qualities.

Challenges Companies Are Facing

There is no shortage of candidates for software engineer jobs. The main challenge is finding candidates who are a great fit for the organization and have a wide range skill set. Companies are also having to alter their requirements in order to retain top talent. In the past, businesses have hired specifically to fill a role or a task-based job with no real growth opportunities. The result is losing top talent and not being able to find a suitable replacement.

Opportunities Available For Software Engineers

Some companies today are altering their standards to attract emerging talent. Sometimes they will even provide incentives to candidates to work as they receive a formal education or go through extensive mentoring programs. As a software engineer, you have to also alter your expectations by understanding companies want to mold you into the ideal employee for them. With this being said, there are great opportunities for candidates to lock themselves into a company by meeting their requirements and following their plan.

Why Now is A Great Time For Software Engineers

Any staffing agency will tell a software engineer that now is the time to gain as much experience and education as possible. Companies are willing to pay much higher salaries than ever before if they find the perfect fit. The demand is high, but the talent pool is low. In such a competitive industry, setting yourself apart will provide you with many different opportunities and benefits in the short-term and long-term.

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