What to do After You Earn Your CPA Certification?

1 March, 2018 0 comment

Earning your CPA certification is quite the accomplishment. Through all the hours and sleepless nights studying, you may think the hard...

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3 Ways to Use IT Networking to Your Advantage

15 February, 2018 0 comment

The more connections you have in the IT industry, the better off you’ll be when it comes to your career aspirations. Networking is...

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The Benefits of Soft Skills in IT

1 February, 2018 0 comment

Employers today are placing a higher emphasis on soft skills for IT jobs than ever before. Since many IT professionals have similar hard...

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Now is the Time for Software Engineers

18 January, 2018 0 comment

It’s no secret companies are having a hard time filling software engineer jobs. It’s not because there is a shortage of software...

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How Big Data is Changing in 2018

4 January, 2018 0 comment

One of the changes in big data every year is its growth. The year 2017 focused more on graphs and other visualization tools to help...

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Why You Should Consider a Career in Software Engineering

21 December, 2017 0 comment

Software engineers will always be in demand, as long as there is a demand consumers for computer technology. A software engineer is...

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Are Graduate Engineers Satisfied With Their Job?

7 December, 2017 0 comment

In general, graduate engineers are satisfied with their job. However, a lot of job satisfaction comes from having realistic expectations...

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The Benefits of Blogging for a Software Developer

16 November, 2017 0 comment

Software developers haven’t traditionally looked at blogging as the best way to stand out. However, blogging opens the door to many...

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System Development Life Cycle in Seven Phases

2 November, 2017 0 comment

As a computer software engineer, you need to know the system development life cycle and how it impacts any given project. The process is in...

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Top 5 Qualities of a Software Engineer

19 October, 2017 0 comment

Being a software engineer requires a unique mix of technical skills and personal skills. As the demand for software engineer jobs continues...

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